Taylor River (Below Taylor Park Reservoir)

Great footage of a large group of late spawning brown trout in the Bridge Hole during a November 2012 fly fishing trip to the Taylor River.

Taylor River Information


River Access

The only public access to the Taylor River below the reservoir is a .4 mile stretch tucked between the dam operation property to the north and private water to the south. The private water to the south continues downstream for about 8 miles before it opens back up to public water. This .4 mile section is all Catch & Release with artificial flies and lures only!

The trout in this stretch can grow rather big due to the high calorie content of the Mysis Shrimp that flow out of the reservoir into the river. Trout in the 20" plus range are caught here regularly. The fish are highly pressured so a perfect presentation and good looking flies are needed to trick these picky fish. 

If you want to avoid the crowds of  anglers that pack this area in the summer, some great action can be found on the north stretch of the Taylor that feeds into the reservoir. Don't expect any trophies, but pan size trout can be caught along with a little privacy. 

Fishing Reports

Learn what to use by the shops that frequent this river. Below are some trusted links to current fishing reports for this area:

Three Rivers Resort

Rocky Mountain Anglers

River Flow Data

Click here to see current USGS river flow data on the Taylor River below TPR.


Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat:

Expect to catch trout from the 15-30+ inch range.

Free Printable Fishing Map

A quick video on how to tie one of my favorite mysis shrimp patterns. If  you like to fish heavily pressured mysis tailwaters, it would be good  to have this easy to tie pattern in your box.

The Taylor River was where I first tested the Darth Maul Midge. It did not disappoint! Check out all my videos by subscribing to my YouTube Channel below.