South Platte (Dream Stream)

Four days of Fall fishing the stretch of the South Platte River that  flows between Spinney and Eleven Mile Reservoir, in the Charlie Meyers  State Wildlife Area more commonly known as the Dream Stream.

A Winter Day Alone on the Dream Stream

In this video I took a chance and went fishing when bad weather was in  the forecast. Turned out to be an excellent day of fishing the South  Platte River in the Charlie Meyers Wildlife Area, more commonly know as  The Dream Stream.

AKA: Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area


Dream Stream Access

This stretch of the South Platte River spans from the dam at Spinney Mountain Reservoir to the inlet of Eleven Mile Reservoir. The river holds a multitude of fish species to include rainbow, cutthroat, cuttbow, and brown trout. It also serves as the spawning ground for the kokanee salmon that live in Eleven Mile Reservoir.

This state land area is open to the public but is limited to anglers using artificial flies and lures only and the entire stretch is a catch and release fishery for all fish species!

The Colorado weather can be unpredictable and the gale force winds that haunt this open prairie can challenge even the most seasoned angler. Check the forecast before heading out and dress appropriately. Good luck anglers.

Fishing Reports

Learn what to use by the shops that frequent this river. Below are some trusted links to current fishing reports for this area:

Trouts Fishing Report

Blue Quill Angler Fishing Report

Current River Flow Data

Click here for current State Water Flow Data for the South Platte River (Dream Stream)

Local Lodging

The lodging for this area is limited with the nearest locations being out of Lake George, CO:

Lake George Cabins and RV Park

Mountain River Lodge

For the more rugged angler, the Eleven Mile State Park offers clean camping sites at Eleven Mile Reservoir. 

Fly Shops

The Peak Fly Shop (Woodland Park, CO & Colorado Springs, CO)

Angler's Covey (Colorado Springs, CO)

South Platte Fly Shop (Woodland Park, CO)


Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat Trout:

Expect to catch trout from the 10-28+ inch range.

Kokanee Salmon:

Expect to catch Kokanee from the 15-20" range mid September through October.

Tim's Super Worm

Here is a rugged worm pattern that has brought a few to the net at the Dream Stream over the years!