Warrior Anglers 

Combat Fly Fishing pays tribute to the warrior anglers who carry a gun in their profession but cast a fly-line as a passion.  These brave men and women work in a high threat/high stress environment for the military, private high threat security, law enforcement or firefighting.  They work hard in their professions and voluntarily endure an enormous amount of physical and mental strain.  Many have been seriously wounded during their time of service but refuse to allow these injuries to keep them off of the water.  

Photo courtesy of Ken Bergmann

If you're a shooter returning home after being deployed downrange or a cop, medic or firefighter who puts their nose to the grindstone every week and you'd like to network with people who are cut from the same cloth and who also share your love of fly fishing, become a member.  Stay connected with what's happening in the world of Rocky Mountain fly fishing by "liking" us on Facebook.

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Everyman Anglers

Everyman anglers are hard working men and women who grind it out in their jobs during the week so they can take advantage of life’s blessings on the river.  These anglers buck-up and take on challenging waters and come up with inventive ways to overcome life’s little obstacles that sometimes stand between them and their favorite pocket water. 

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