Cast Out of Darkness

My featured book is called Cast Out of Darkness. Below is the novel's summary. Thanks so much for your interest. I hope you enjoy it.

Avid angler and U.S. Marine, Blake Jacobs is seriously wounded in combat while fighting in Ramadi, Iraq. During that same battle, Blake’s lifelong friend is killed. When Blake returns home, he is haunted by the decisions he made that fateful day. Blake blames himself for the death of his friend. His guilt leads to depression, alcoholism, and eventually attempted suicide. Blake tries to cope with his guilt and survivor’s remorse by fulfilling a promise he made to his fallen friend to embark on a fly fishing journey across the American Rocky Mountains.

Will Blake’s journey to honor his friend help to quell the demons of substance abuse and suicidal thoughts? Will the grandeur of the vast mountain range and the beauty of its resplendent rivers grant him peace from the torments of war…or will Blake only find more pain as he mourns the loss of his dear friend?