12000 Foot Cutthroat Slam

This is a Colorado challenge to catch cutthroat trout in high mountain lakes above or just near 12,000 feet in elevation.  
Anglers need to catch at least one cutt from each of the four public access lakes listed, in the same year.  Anglers who complete the challenge earn a Combat Fly FIshing 39mm "Luck has nothing to do with it" ceramic chip and bragging rights by having your own spot on our Completed Challenge Page and photos of your Slam adventure posted on our Facebook page.

Rules for the 12,000' Cutthroat Slam

1)  Participants must remain on Forest Service trail systems to access the four lakes.  No bushwhacking!

2)  Participants must take a photo or video of the trout and a photo or video of a GPS screen that clearly shows the lat/long to prove the date and location.  

3)  The trout must be clearly identifiable as a species of cutthroat trout.  

4)  Trout must be caught on an artificial fly using a fly rod.

5)  Trout must be caught anytime after ice off in the late spring and before the winter freeze.

6)  All participants must be at least 18 years old.  

7)  All participants must read and agree with warning and disclaimer

12,000' Cutthroat Slam Lakes

The first three high mountain lakes have trailheads and are located near Guanella Pass Rd. near the town of Georgetown CO.  Mohawk Lake is located just west of Hwy 9, south of the town of Breckenridge.  

1) Murray Lake:  39°36'18.67"N  105°45'31.19"W

2) Silver Dollar Lake:  39°36'5.52"N  105°45'9.11"W

3) Shelf Lake: 
 39°35'33.46"N  105°47'9.37"W

4) Mohawk Lake:   39°25'8.59"N   106° 5'22.63"W

All lat/longs were taken off of Google Earth.  It's the responsibility of the participant to research and verify locations and routes to the above listed lakes. 

Registration for the Challenge

Registration is free.  The participant must register at our Slam Registry Page.  By registering, the participant agrees with the 12,000' Cutthroat Slam rules, warning, and disclaimer. 

There are no penalties or fees for registering and not completing the challenge.


This is an arduous challenge that will require the angler to be physically fit, backcountry prepared and highly motivated.  
Participants should not hike into the high country alone and should act responsibly by doing the following:

-  Always take a topographical map of the area you are hiking with you and keep track of where you are.  A GPS is a helpful tool but is not always reliable.

-Always check the forecasted weather conditions before going to the high country.

-Pay attention!  Always be watching for storm fronts and head out long before the storm reaches you.

-Let someone know where you are hiking to, the route you'll be taking, and an expected time of return.

-Pack cold weather clothing in case you are caught in severe weather.

-Start hydrating at least three days before hiking into the high country and bring plenty of food and water.  A water filtration system is always a good idea.

-It is always a good idea to seek out certified medical and survival training before heading into the high country.


Any participation in this challenge is voluntary and the participant assumes personal responsibility for all risk and dangers involved.  Combat Fly Fishing, its staff, and sponsors are not liable for any personal injury or damage to personal property that may occur to anyone taking on this challenge.